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  • What to do when the event ends.
    The Client shall remove anything which has been brought into the Venue in connection with the Event and shall ensure that the Venue is clean, undamaged and free from Trash. The Venue must be left in the same state of cleanliness as provided pre-event. The post-Event thorough, professional cleaning (which excludes removal of trash or the Client’s belongings, which remain the Client’s responsibility) is provided by the Business for no extra fee.
  • Smoke and fire free details.
    No smoking, cooking, or open flames (except low-level heating burners) The Facility is a smoke-free environment. ANY KIND OF SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN ALL AREAS OF THE BUILDING AT ALL TIMES . In addition, with the exception of low-burning food heaters, no cooking or use of open flame (including candles) of any kind is allowed in any part of the Facility at any time.
  • Is alcohol allowed?
    Alcoholic Beverages Alcohol may be served ONLY to persons age 21 or older under the terms and conditions consistent with the applicable laws of the State of Maryland as long as the Client abides by the following rules: 1) Client shall take full responsibility for and hold the Proprietor harmless from ALL liability arising from the serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages; If caterers are to serve, or provide a bartender to serve alcoholic beverages, the caterer shall provide to the Proprietor a Liquor License and a certificate of insurance evidencing a Liquor Liability Policy at least fourteen days prior to Event Date. Failure to do so will result in revocation of agreement and retention of all funds received. 2) NO SALE OF ALCOHOL OR FOOD IS ALLOWED. The Renter must request approval to serve alcohol (beer and wine only) through the State of Maryland. Renter must obtain a STATE OF MARYLAND SPECIAL LICENSE APPLICATION FOR CLASS C-ONE DAY LICENSE. The application is due FOURTEEN (14) DAYS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE SCHEDULED EVENT. ​BOARD OF LICENSE COMMISSIONERS 9200 BASIL COURT, SUITE 420, LARGO, MARYLAND 20774 301.583.9980
  • Can outside catering be used?
    Catering is the Client’s responsibility to organize. There is no obligation to use a Caterer on our list of suppliers, but if the Caterer is not on the list the Business may ask that the Client or Caterer provide the Business with a refundable deposit of $200 to cover breakages, losses of items from the kitchenette or leaving the kitchenette in need of extra, unreasonable cleaning which may need to be deducted from the deposit.
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